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Spectrum Update and Service Enhancements Q3'2018

Dear Friends,

We wanted to provide our clients, their professional advisors, and our firm's key contacts with a quick business update. Q3'2018 was a very exciting quarter for Spectrum. Among other things, we celebrated Spectrum's 40th birthday party at Tacoma Country and Golf Club; we hosted the 13th annual Spectrum Open Charity Golf Tournament and Dinner Event; we implemented the Spectrum Client Portal to streamline retirement plan implementations; we launched our cybersecurity awareness training services.

Spectrum was proud to host the 13th Annual Spectrum Open Golf Tournament and Dinner Event on August 27, 2018 at Fircrest Golf Club. This was a remarkable event -- please check out the Spectrum Open photo album and see for yourself. Proceeds from the Spectrum Open benefitted the Pano Koumantaros Cancer Research Fund (the "Fund"), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Fund is named after Spectrum's Founder, Panayotis "Pano" Koumantaros, who lost a 6-month battle with bladder cancer. This year's event raised $152,926, which exceeded the fundraising goal, and broke prior fundraising records. We were incredibly moved by the strong community support. From the bottom of our heart -- Thank You!

Spectrum's 40th birthday party at Tacoma Golf and Country Club was a hit, and we are also sharing some of the photos to prove it! We were thrilled that many long-term clients and former clients, some of whom are now enjoying retirement, were able to attend. We thank every client, professional advisor, strategic partner, staff member, and friend who has been part of our 40-year journey.

Spectrum is always working to innovate and enhance client experiences. This past quarter we launched the Spectrum Client Portal. Today, we use it to streamline Plan Implementations. In the long-term, the Spectrum Client Portal will feature multiple modules. These modules will enable clients to work more securely and efficiently with our team on all aspects of the service experience. As an example, we look to add our Plan Intelligence Advanced Analytics to the Spectrum Client Portal in 2019.

We know cybersecurity remains a concern to many organizations. Spectrum is delighted to introduce Cybersecurity Awareness Training Services. With phishing attacks and other cybersecurity threats on the rise, every organization must protect itself. We view this service as a foundational business need, which is why we have priced it very competitively. Also, on the security roadmap is Multifactor Authentication ("MFA") for the Spectrum Participant Web and Spectrum Plan Sponsor Web. We expect to roll-out MFA in late Q4'2018.

Released earlier this year Spectrum Payroll360™, has been widely adopted by our clients. Spectrum Payroll360™ features bi-directional data integration with major payroll vendors. With it, employers automate retirement plan contribution reporting and funding processes. Imagine - you never again need to manually upload payroll data! Also gaining momentum is our workplace financial wellness program, Spectrum FinWell™. Studies have demonstrated that employee financial stress leads to decreased worker productivity. Spectrum FinWell™ is designed to address the root causes of financial stress, enabling workers to meet financial goals, and perform better in the workplace. Our Spectrum FinWell™ CFP Professional Call Center provides workers with unlimited access to financial professionals who can help with budgeting, debt management, investing, planning, and saving.

Lastly, we were honored that three (3) of our firm's executives, Yannis Koumantaros, CFO, Kevin Boercker, COO, and I were invited to speak at the 2018 American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA) Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. The ASPPA Annual Conference is the signature event for retirement plan professionals. Topics range from advanced retirement plan design to workplace best practices for improving participant outcomes.

If you are interested in learning more or know an organization that could benefit from our products or services, Spectrum's online proposal system makes it easy to request information.

We will send our next quarterly business update in January 2019. If you would like to hear from us more regularly, please connect through Spectrum's social media channels. We always welcome feedback, so feel free to contact us on any matter. Again, we thank every client and professional advisor for placing their confidence and trust in our firm.


Petros P. Koumantaros
Managing Director & CEO

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ERISA Workplace Retirement Plan Limits

The federal government annually publishes updated qualified retirement plan limits, which impact the contributions, benefit accruals, and compliance of ERISA covered qualified retirement plans. The below tables summarize the most significant changes in recent history.


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