Spectrum Payroll360™ - Integrate payroll data and your 401k Plan.

Spectrum Payroll360™ integrates major payroll providers to Spectrum’s retirement plan management system. This integration automates the data exchanges with an employer's payroll provider, thus eliminating data errors and removing administrative burdens. Census and contribution data is seamlessly and securely transferred for employers. Imagine - you never again have to upload files manually!

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Payroll and 401k Plan Integration

Spectrum Payroll360™ integrates employer 401k plans directly with major payroll providers. Every provider supports 180-degree integration, and many support full 360-degree integration with Spectrum's Retirement Plan Management System. What does this mean? Census and contribution data is transmitted automatically for employers every pay period. With 360-degree integration, employee contribution changes in Spectrum's Retirement Plan Management System are sent automatically and updated in the employer's payroll system. Spectrum Payroll360™ - It just works!

Why Choose Spectrum Payroll360

Spectrum Payroll360™ saves employers time and money, improves data quality, reduces retirement plan compliance issues, transmits data securely, is easy to setup, and provides for continuous monitoring.