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Addressing Worker Financial Stress | Leased Employees | 4 Compensation Mistakes to Avoid | And More

53% of workers experience financial stress. What should employers do?

Our first quarter 2018 newsletter features an article on employee financial stress. In it, we address how financial stress not only adversely impacts workers, but also employers in the form of decreased employee performance and productivity. We also share characteristics and best practices of successful workplace financial wellness programs.

We also include articles on:

  1. how leased employees impact workplace retirement plans,
  2. four compensation mistakes to avoid in ERISA plans,
  3. "Tax Talk," - compliance deadlines and required minimum distributions, and
  4. an update on Alliance Benefit Group.

We offer two methods to view our newsletter:

  1. An attached PDF which can be downloaded or printed, or
  2. Online with Microsoft Sway

We hope you find our newsletter informative and invite you to comment and share.

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